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Henry on Genesis 1 - by Michael Phillips
Henry on Genesis 1 - Part 2 of 12
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Genesis 1:1-2
Jul 31, 2002 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's help, we'll move on in the study we began last week. It's called Matthew Henry on Genesis 1. The book we're using is Henry's great commentary on the whole Bible. It was published almost 300 years ago, but remains as edifying today as ever. Charles Spurgeon called it, "First among the mighty for general usefulness". Underline the word usefulness. The book is not as scholarly as many commentaries you can now read, but it remains wonderful useful. Reading Matthew Henry is good for the soul. REVIEW Last time we looked at what the Creation says about the Creator. Henry emphasized two things-things needed in his day, but even more in our own: (1) The Creator is God the Father Almighty. In other words, we were not made by a Higher Power, a Divine Force, or a Prime Mover. No, our Maker is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (2) This God has definite, namable traits. He is good, beautiful, wise, powerful, and mysterious. These invisible attributes-Paul says-are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made. Note the strong language he uses. The character of God is not suggested or hinted at in the creation, but unmistakably seen in it. Thus, ... More >>>

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