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Arianism - by Michael Phillips
Heresies in the Church - Part 3 of 9
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John 1:1-14
Oct 20, 2002 pm - Today is the third Sunday afternoon of the month and time for another lecture on Heresy. I chose the word, lecture, carefully because I don't anyone to say I preach heresy: I don't, but I study it because God uses it to sharpen our thinking and raise our commitment to the "Faith that was once for all delivered to the saints". "Heresy"-let me remind you-is a serious doctrinal error that occurs in the Church. Two terms need underlining: serious and in the Church. Not every mistake in theology is heresy, but only those that overthrow a primary doctrine and put souls in jeopardy. Not every false teaching is heresy. For 300 years, the deadliest error in the world was the Deity of Caesar; all Romans (but the Jews) had to confess on pain of death, "Caesar is Lord". Although the doctrine is wrong, wicked, and brings damnation on those who believe it, it is not heresy, because it comes from outside the Church and not from within. Thus far, we've looked at two heresies that plagued the Early Church, Judaism and Gnosticism. Judaism is somewhat based on the Bible, but it errs in reading it as though Jesus Christ had not come or that His coming had had no effect on the Old Covenant. Its ... More >>>

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