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Pelagianism - by Michael Phillips
Heresies in the Church - Part 4 of 9
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John 6:63
Nov 17, 2002 pm - This is the third Sunday afternoon of the month and time for another lecture on Heresies. A "heresy" is a serious doctrinal error that occurs in the Church. Buddhism, for example, is a serious doctrinal error, but it's not a heresy because it is not espoused by Christians. Premillennialism, in my opinion, is an error taught in many churches, but it's not a heresy because it does not overturn a primary doctrine or put one's soul in danger. The study of heresy is not easy and is almost never any fun. Heretics are justly famous for their dishonesty. Most often, they use Bible words but invest them with a meaning that is foreign to the Bible. When a Christian says he believes in the divinity of Christ we know what he means. But what does the Jehovah's Witness mean when he says the same thing? Although the study of heresy is not enjoyable, it is profitable. If nothing else, it sharpens our thinking, but more than this, it allows us to affirm the sacred teachings of Scripture. If you've read the Creeds, you know they're a storehouse of truth, goodness, and beauty. Every one of them came out of controversy-they were drawn up to expose error and to exclude those who teach it. When read, ... More >>>

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