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Iconoclast Controversy - by Michael Phillips
Heresies in the Church - Part 5 of 9
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1 John 5:21
Dec 15, 2002 pm - Today, with God's blessing, we'll move on in our monthly study of Heresy. On each third Sunday afternoon of the month, we look into the history of the Church and examine a major threat to its doctrinal purity. A heresy is a serious doctrinal error that occurs in the Church. The worship of Baal is a serious doctrinal error, but it's not heresy because it is not taught in the Church. Sprinkling as the mode of baptism is a doctrinal error taught in the Church, but it's not heresy because it is not a major issue. One can believe in it without affecting his fellowship with God or putting his soul in danger. Heresy, then, is not every mistake in doctrine, but things like denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ or teaching Salvation by Works. Thus far, we've looked at four heresies: Judaism, Arianism, Gnosticism, and Pelagianism. These are-I think-the biggest heresies in the history of the Church and also the ones that are most likely to stay with us and threaten the Lord's people in every generation. If today's topic is not as important as the others, it's still plenty important. For two hundred years, it tore up the Church, and much later became a key issue in the Reformation. For four ... More >>>

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