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Watson on the Chief End of Man - by Michael Phillips
The Chief End of Man - Part 3 of 4
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Psalm 29:2
Jun 12, 2002 pm - What is the chief end of man? Man's chief end is to glorify God And to enjoy Him forever. These words are not in the Bible, but they very well summarize what it teaches about the origin, purpose, and destiny of every believer. The believer is a creature-and new creature of God's own making. His goals in life are to honor the name of God and to enjoy His sacred Presence. His future is to do both perfectly, one day, and forever. That's the subject of our Puritan study. It's Thomas Watson on the Chief End of Man. We began with the big ideas. The chief end of man means everyone's goal ought to be the glory and enjoyment of God. We glorify God-Watson says-in four ways: (1) appreciation, (2) adoration, (3) affection, and (4) subjection. In other words, by being thankful, worshipful, loving, and obedient. These are the big ideas. But then we came to the details (some of them, at least). We honor God by (1) trying to glorify Him, (2) being content with His will for our lives-even when it contradicts our own, (3) enjoying the happiness and success of others-even when they're greater than our own, (4) confessing our sins honestly, and (5) believing Him. Now, we'll get to some other details ... More >>>

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