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Disappointing Families - by Michael Phillips
Family Life - Part 7 of 40
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2 Samuel 23:5
Apr 25, 1999 pm - This afternoon brings us to sermon eight in our study of Family Life. Thus far, the sermons have singled out one member of the family: the husband one month; the wife another; and so on. Today, though, I speak to every member of every family. And even to those who have lost their family or never had one. Also, I'm emphasized duty for the most part. Now, a word of comfort. The topic is implied by our verse. It is the disappointment of family life. David first spoke these words. And he knew a good deal about the pain of things not turning out the way you hoped they would. DAVID'S LIFE Let's start with the obvious. David was a good man--a very good man. He was "A man after God's own heart" and "The Apple of His eye". David "hated vain thoughts, but loved [God's] Law". He prayed "in the morning"; he meditated in "the night watches"; "Seven times a day" he praised the Lord. David was not perfect, of course. But when he sinned, he repented, often very quickly, and always with sincerity and deep sorrow. His devotion to God was not a momentary or occasional thing, but a lifelong habit. Converted as a boy, the old man died with a song of praise on his lips! We can't find a better summary ... More >>>

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