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Aging Parents - by Michael Phillips
Family Life - Part 9 of 40
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1 Timothy 5:3-8
Jun 27, 1999 pm - This afternoon brings us to sermon ten in our monthly look at family life. The topic: Caring for Aging Parents. I hope everyone listens, of course, but especially if your parents are in their sixties or beyond. You have important decisions to make. Don't wait till your forced to make them. Think about them now; pray about them now; and may the love and wisdom of God be with you. THE LORD WANTS YOU TO CARE FOR YOUR AGING PARENTS I knew a man who, back in the 1930's, was engaged to a beautiful and talented young woman. But just the wedding, his father died and his invalid mother was left to his care. My friend broke the engagement, his girl married someone else, and he spent the next thirty years caring for his mother. He still loved the young lady and spoke wistfully of "what might have been". But he didn't regret the decision. It was the right thing to do. That was a different time, of course. I wonder if a young man would make that choice today? And if he did, would he respected--or laughed at? The "times" say "Forget your old parents". Let the government take care of them; let the rest home take care of them; let anyone take care of long as it's not me. Is this how God ... More >>>

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