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Talking to Your Kids - by Michael Phillips
Family Life - Part 12 of 40
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Proverbs 23:26
Sep 26, 1999 pm - This afternoon, with the Lord's blessing, we'll continue our study of Family Life. The topic: Talking to your kids. DEFINITION Let me begin with a definition. By "talking to your kids" I don't mean (1) teaching them, (2) evangelizing them, (3) praying with them, (4) commanding them, (5) reproving them, or (5) warning them. These are all good things, of course, but they're not what I'm getting at today. By "talking to your kids" I mean a regular conversation in which three things occur: (1) both of you speak, (2) both of you listen, and (3) both of you reply. In short, you're not talking past each other, but to each other. RARITY This sort of talking is admired by all, but practiced by very few. Adults have told me, "My parents never talked to me". They passed information, of course, but they never spoke in a personal or meaningful way. The fellowship families are made for was unknown to them. This is common in ungodly homes. Without Christ most parents live only for themselves. If it's pleasure they want, they ignore the kids. If it's "success" they're after, they drive them. In either case, warm and natural conversations don't take place in those families. And not just those ... More >>>

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