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Bible Stories in the Home - by Michael Phillips
Family Life - Part 26 of 40
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Psalm 44
Apr 22, 2001 pm - This is the fourth Sunday of the month and time for another sermon on Family Life. Today, I want to speak mostly to the parents. But not only to them. What I say also applies to grandparents, to aunts and uncles, and to others who want children to know the Lord and to serve Him all their lives. Kids, you need to listen too, because, though you don't think so now, most of you will grow up to have children of your own. And you'll need to do what I tell you this afternoon. The best time to prepare for parenthood is long before you get married or have kids. The topic is Bible Stories in the Home. TEACHING IN THE HOME Underline the word, "Home". Most of our Sunday School teaching takes the form of stories; a lot of the preaching does too. But pastors and Sunday School teachers cannot take the place of parents. I have gone to church all of my life. For the most part, I had good pastors and teachers. Yet I learned a hundred times more about the Bible from my father's stories than I did from all the sermons and lessons I sat through in church. A girl I grew up with, attended the same church, and went nearly as often. Unlike me, however, she had no Bible stories at home. When she was in ... More >>>

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