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Vive L'Difference - by Michael Phillips
Family Life - Part 30 of 40
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1 Peter 3:6
Jan 27, 2002 pm - Of all the stupid things people say, I can't think of any more stupid than this one: Men and women are the same. Now, of course, people know we're not the same physically. But what they mean is that there's no difference between men and women on the inside-that mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, men and women are the same. If a man says otherwise, he's accused of sexism and suspected of hating all women and beating his wife at home. Now all this, of course, is nonsense! If you watch kids, you'll see that boys gravitate toward some things and girls toward other things. People on the other side always point out the exceptions-the boy who plays with dolls and the girl who stars on the football team. The exceptions, though, are so rare that they tend to prove the rule they're cited to disprove. Of course boys and girls are different. And so are men and women. Anyone who is married knows that. Different doesn't mean better or worse; it means not the same. God didn't make us the same. And, instead of denying the obvious or gnashing our teeth about it, we ought to celebrate it! I'm not very fond of the French, but one thing they got right. When it comes to men and women, Vive ... More >>>

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