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The Prophet, The Children, and The Bears - by Michael Phillips
Especially to Children
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2 Kings 2:23-25
May 05, 1998 pm - Listen up kids! Today I'm going to tell you a story from the Bible. Because it's from the Bible, you know it's interesting, true, and important. The story took place almost 3,000 years ago in the land of Israel. This is not fairy tale; it's not a bed time story. It really happened. And what happened way over there a long time ago has something to teach you and me. ELIJAH There once was a prophet whose name was Elijah. Except for Moses, he was the greatest preacher in the history of Israel. He spoke the word of God with great power and performed many outstanding miracles. You'd think he would be greatly loved. But he wasn't. In fact, Elijah was horribly treated all his life. He was driven from his home, he nearly starved, a king and queen tried to kill him, and everyone blamed him for the trouble their own sins got them into. The man who suffered so much in life, was greatly rewarded by God. Like other Christians, he went to heaven. But not in quite the same way. Most other Christians go to heaven by dying. But Elijah never died. When the Lord was through with him, He took him to heaven in a fiery chariot, pulled by flaming horses! Have you ever seen a horse pull a wagon? I have ... More >>>

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