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Pray for Your Kids - by Michael Phillips
Family Life - Part 31 of 40
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1 Timothy 5:8
Feb 24, 2002 pm - This is the fourth Sunday afternoon of the month and time for another sermon on Family Life. In the next few minutes-Lord willing-we'll all be "hearers of the Word", but I pray God will make us more than that, that we'll also be "Doers of the Word". May the blessing of Jesus Christ be on our families! THE TEXT 1 Timothy 5:8 begins with an assumption. Paul assumes that ungodly men-for the most part-take care of their families. They provide food, clothing, shelter, and often, quite a bit more. What he said of men in his day, is equally true of today. Most people you know are unsaved. Yet their basic needs are met. They have a roof over their heads, enough to eat, decent clothes to wear, and so on. From the example of unsaved men, Paul goes on denounce believing men who won't take care of their families. They-he says- "Have denied the faith and are worse than infidels". In other words, if ungodly men take care of their families, then we must too. The sort of care Paul has in mind here is of material things. A Christian man must take care of his family's physical needs. He doesn't have to provide luxuries and meet their every lust, of course, but he must put a roof over their heads, ... More >>>

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