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Holy, Blameless, Perfect - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 16 of 51
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Hebrews 10:14
Jan 05, 2005 pm - Tonight we come to Chapter 15 in our study of John Piper's little book, The Passion of Jesus Christ. The word, 'passion' has more than one meaning, of course, but in this book, it stands for the suffering and death of our Lord. The book says hardly a word about what He suffered; it's all about why He suffered. If God had the power and the compassion to save His Son from an unjust death, why didn't He do it? What was He thinking in letting our Lord to go to the cross? Or, to put a finer point on it: in sending Him there? A great deal can be said here, and Piper says quite a bit of it. In fifty short chapters, he looks at the cross from a variety of angles, all of which are good for us to think about and adore. Why did Jesus Chris suffer and die? Tonight's chapter says, To make us holy, blameless, and perfect. THE WORDS The words, 'holy, blameless, and perfect' can be understood in two ways: relatively and absolutely. When Peter calls the prophets, holy men of God, he doesn't means they were sinless. No one can read of lives of Abraham, Moses, David--and especially Jonah-without knowing they committed plenty of sins. When Luke says Zacharias and Elisabeth walked in all the ... More >>>

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