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Giving us a Clear Conscience - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 17 of 51
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Hebrews 9:14
Jan 12, 2005 pm - Clear Conscience Christ suffered and died to give us a clear conscience. This is the topic of tonight's study and the title of Chapter 16 in John Piper's little book, The Passion of Jesus Christ. The book is only a bit more than 100 pages, but what pages they are! In words simple enough for a child to easily follow, Piper explains why the Lord went to the cross and what His death does for you. In terms of practical importance, tonight's subject has to be near the top of the list. Jesus Christ died to relieve the pain you feel in your conscience and to give you the sense that you can come to God and be welcome. Piper assumes we know what 'conscience' is. But do we? He doesn't spend any time defining, but I think we should. THE MEANING What is the conscience and what does it do? Your conscience is a judge who lives inside of you. Like other judges, conscience does two things: it tries you and it pronounces judgment. If you help a little old lady across the street, your conscience says, Good. If you push the old lady in front of a speeding bus it says, Bad! Conscience, in other words, is your sense of right and wrong. But that's not all it is. A judge who says 'Mr. Jones murdered his ... More >>>

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