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Arrows of Mercy - by Michael Phillips
Elisha the Prophet - Part 16 of 17
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2 Kings 13:14-19
Apr 10, 2005 am - For the last several months we have been closely following Elisha's career. From the time he was called to follow Elijah to the day he anointed a new king in Syria, the Bible tells us a great deal about the man and what the Lord was doing through him. But now, in the prime of his life, the Bible drops his story, and doesn't pick it up again until he's on his deathbed thirty-five years later! What was he up to all this time? We can't be sure, but I suspect he was serving the Lord faithfully, but not preaching the way he once had or doing the miracles that so punctuated the first years of his ministry. The decline was not the result of his backsliding, but it was a punishment on Israel. If the people had listened to the Word, more of it would have been given to them. But by not listening to the Word, they ended up losing what they had of it. As God removed His light from Israel, of course, the darkness grew deeper and wider. At home, the House of Ahab was wiped out by the blood-thirst General Jehu, who also massacred the worshipers of Baal. This would have been a good thing had the general been a good man, but he wasn't a good man. His zeal for the Lord, was, in fact, zeal for ... More >>>

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