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Honor the King! - by Michael Phillips
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1 Peter 2:17b
Jul 27, 2001 am - It has been said, "The Church is twenty years behind the world". What the world did in 1983, we do now; what the world is doing now, we'll be doing in 2023. The thought is none too flattering, but there's a lot of truth in it! When I was a boy, most Americans had some respect for their political leaders. They didn't always agree with them, of course; they often voted against them, but they still held the President, Congressmen, and other leaders in high regard. If not the men, at least the offices they held. That was the rule forty years ago-for saints and sinners alike. But then came Watergate. The President of the United States was proven to be a liar. Journalists jumped all over the man-and before long-it wasn't just the man they were jumping on, but the Presidency as well. This created the attack journalism we're so used to today. At the time most Christians were appalled. Even those who didn't support Richard Nixon were shocked at the way people were talking about him, hounding him, treating him like dirt! It was a shameful thing-even if he's a crook, he's still the President! That's how most believers felt in 1973. But times, they are a'changin! With the election of ... More >>>

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