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Live by Faith in Him - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 35 of 51
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Galatians 2:20
May 25, 2005 pm - Tonight we come to Chapter 34 in our study of John Piper's work, The Passion of Jesus Christ. The book is short in length but long in good theology and warm devotion. Unlike so many devotional books, this one has real content, and unlike so many doctrinal books, it's got a real heart for Christ. The book seeks to explain why our Lord died on the cross, and, in particular, what His death back then and there does for us right here and now. What does the cross do for us? Piper says, It enable[s] us to live by faith in Him. THE MEANING What does it mean to 'live by faith in Christ'? It means more than believing all the right things about our Lord. We ought to believe 'all the right things' about Him, but this kind of 'faith' is not enough. James compares it to the faith of demons, who believe in one God and tremble. He got his idea, it seems, from the Gospels. At Gadara, a legion of devils accosted Him, and owned both His humanity and His Divinity-Jesus, Son of the Most High God. In the synagogue of Capernaum, an unclean spirit confessed His character and authority-I know who you are, the Holy One of God.Have you come to destroy us? The demons, of course, saw Him die and later-much to ... More >>>

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