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Passioate for Good Works - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 37 of 51
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Titus 2:14
Jun 08, 2005 pm - Passionate for Good Works Tonight, with God's blessing, we'll move on in our study of John Piper's fine little book, The Passion of Jesus Christ. Our Lord did not suffer and die for the purpose of suffering and dying. He suffered and died to secure certain things: some for His Father, some for Himself, and some for us. Our book is about all three, but mostly the third. Mostly, it's about the things we receive because our Lord went to the cross in our place. Some of the things we receive are invisible. Forgiveness, for example, cannot be seen, and neither can the Holy Spirit. But other things can be seen. The one we'll look at tonight is the most visible thing He gives us in this life. What is it? Zeal for good works. Chapter 35 is titled, Christ suffered and died to create a people passionate for good works. GRACE In the history of the Church, no topic has been discussed more often-and with more heat-than the relationship between God's grace and our works. We all agree that both exist and that they are related in some way or another. But in what way are they related? That's the question the Church has debated for more than 1,600 years. Do our works obtain God's favor or are they ... More >>>

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