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Sardis - by Michael Phillips
Seven Churches - Part 5 of 7
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Revelation 3:1-6
Jun 12, 2005 am - For forty years David McKenzie was a deacon in the First Presbyterian Church in Beverly Hills, California. When he retired from his work he had little money in the bank and no pension at all. The only asset he had was his home, which he had bought in the early sixties, and was now worth twenty times what he had paid for it. With a heavy heart, he sold his home and bought a cottage in a small village way up in northern Michigan. He liked the area very much and his neighbors were as kind as they could be. But Mr. McKenzie had a problem: he couldn't find a church. Oh, there were plenty of churches within driving distance, but he wasn't content with any of them. One church had excellent preaching and teaching, but the people were cold and suspicious. His first week there, he was grilled by an elder to makes sure he was straight on his doctrine. No preaching was good enough to keep him in that church! The next church he went to also had good teaching and a far more welcoming spirit. He would have gone there for sure, except it only had a dozen members, half of them didn't have jobs and nobody in town respected the church. So he kept looking. The third church had its good points too, ... More >>>

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