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Historical Introduction - by Michael Phillips
Five Points of Calvinism - Part 1 of 9
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2 Timothy 1:13
Jun 19, 2005 pm - This afternoon, with the Lord's blessing, I hope to begin a study of The Five Points of Calvinism. I do this every few years, not because I think Calvinism is the Gospel, but because I'm sure it clarifies the Gospel. The Gospel, in short, is Christ died for our sins, and it is not a distinctly Calvinist doctrine. All Christians believe He did that for us. What the Five Points do is to answer some questions that surround the Gospel. They don't address every question, but the ones they do are among the most important. For example: Why did Christ die for us? When did His death occur to God? What is the meaning of His death? How is His death applied to us? What effect does His death have on us? Without ascribing infallibility to the Five Points, I think they provide better answers than any other system I know of. If there's a better system out there, I'd like to hear it, but I'm quite sure it is not any of the systems currently popular in American Evangelical churches or seminaries or bookstores! In my opinion, the Five Points are plainly taught in the Bible, and I know for a fact that they have satisfied some of the most intelligent, learned, and godly men in the history of the ... More >>>

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