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Introduction - by Michael Phillips
Songs on the Way to Heaven - Part 1 of 15
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Psalm 120
Jul 03, 2005 am - Today, with God's help, we will begin to study Psalms 120-134. The numbers were not chosen at random, but they belong together in a special way. If you read the caption on each one, you'll find it is A Song of Degrees or maybe, A Song of Ascents. Do you know what the words mean? The degrees are not marks on a thermometer, but refer to the steepness of a hill. If you've been up to Cal State Hayward, you've seen the yellow sign at the bottom of Harder Road. It says, 18* grade, which means the road is a steep one. Ascents tell you which way the road is going-uphill. The Psalms, therefore, were sung as the People of God made their way uphill to Jerusalem, and to the Temple, built on its highest peak. They could be sung at any time the trip was made, but mostly, they were sung when the people went up for the Passover, Pentecost, or some other holiday. If we hum Jingle Bells on the way to the mall, they chanted Psalms on the way to Mount Zion. If this is how they used the Psalms, what use can we make of them? We don't go to Jerusalem to worship God, and if we did, we would not find His Temple there. So what do we do with the Songs of Degrees? We sing them in light of the New Covenant. ... More >>>

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