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To Create a Band of Crucified Followers - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 39 of 51
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Luke 9:23
Jul 06, 2005 pm - Tom Peterson is the pastor of a young church in Macon, Georgia. After meeting for a couple of years in an Elk's Lodge, Tom and his people decided they needed a place of their own. The next day, Tom went to the bank hoping to secure a loan. The loan officer was Bill Green, a devout Christian man who liked nothing more than to help small churches buy their first building. After learning how much money they had saved, what their weekly offerings were, how much they spent, and so on, Bill was sure he could get them the money. But before he submitted the application, he wanted to get a feel for the church. The conversation went something like this: So, Tom, what's the name of your church? Abundant Death Baptist Church. Okay...Abundant Li...Did you say, 'Abundant Death'? I did. Oh, ah, well...Do you have a business card? (Tom hands him one). What's that symbol under your name, Tom? Is it a fish or an AIDS ribbon? It's a hangman's noose. Hmmm, can't say I've seen that one before. Well, Tom, what are you going to preach on next Sunday? The cross. Whew! There's nothing I like better than a sermon on our Lord's death. I mean your cross. You mean, 'Dying to sin' and all that, right? Among ... More >>>

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