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Covetousness Is Our Problem - by Matthew Leighton
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Exodus 20:1-17
Jul 17, 2005 am - God's Remedy Is the Gospel. Matthew Leighton, July 17, 2005. Read our text for this morning: Ex 20:1-17 Ease into the sermon by asking a question: how many commandments are there here? The religious institution that has historically predominated in Spain, the RC church says that here we have TWO commandments. And why not? After all, the text says, "you shall not covet" TWICE! If we follow the pattern established up to this point in the Decalogue, perhaps we ought to conclude there are two commandments here. After all, we read "you shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, etc." and we count each of those as separate commandments- why not count the two "you shall not's" in verse 17 as two commandments? Thus goes the RC argument. But the Catholics are not the only ones with an opinion on the subject. Things get a bit more complicated if we consult with our Lutheran friends. You see, they also find two commandments here, but in a different order: "you shall not covet your neighbor's wife" is number 9, then "you shall not covet your neighbor's house, etc." is number 10. Why? Because they follow the order of Deuteronomy 5, not Ex 20. You shall not covet your ... More >>>

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