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Psalm 122 - by Michael Phillips
Songs on the Way to Heaven - Part 3 of 15
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Psalm 122
Jul 24, 2005 am - Psalms 120-134 are sometimes called Pilgrim Psalms or Songs of Pilgrimage. These are good names for them because they were sung by the people of Israel as they made their way up to Jerusalem to observe Passover, Pentecost, or the Feast of Booths. If the pilgrim were a worldly man, he would take these trips for a vacation-at best-or more likely, as a necessary evil, three weeks a year 'wasted' on God instead of spent making money or taking care of the money he already had. Pious men knew better! They saw their time in Jerusalem as the happiest weeks of the year, and more than that, as an inkling of something better to come. Jerusalem, its Temple and Law Courts were not only places, they were also promises. The capital of Israel would one day become the center of the world with God Himself on the throne, ruling in wisdom, justice, and love. If Solomon built the Temple on earth, it was only a model of the one in Heaven-or perhaps the one that is Heaven-- where the full glory of God shines from between the living Cherubim. Standing in the gates of the Holy City, the devout man must have felt something in his soul that he could not put the words to. It was a longing of sorts-like ... More >>>

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