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Secure our Resurrection - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 42 of 51
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1 Corinthians 15:51-58
Jul 27, 2005 pm - THE CAUSE OF DEATH Where does death come from? Most people would have to say they don't know where death comes from, and those who say they do, for the most part, don't. If you took a semester of science in college (which I had to take, otherwise I wouldn't have), you heard the high sounding words, The Second Law of Thermodynamics or The Law of Entropy, which says, in effect: things wear out. But of course they do. Every wave takes a grain of sand from the beach, and given enough time, the beach won't be there anymore, or-to be more exact-the beach will be farther inland than it is now. We all know this. The new car you bought in 1994 is now an old junker; the roof you put on your house in 1987 now leaks like a sieve. Things fall apart. Including people. Our vital organs wear out with time and we die of old age. Or, our immune system wears out and we die before reaching old age. In either event, we die because it's the nature of things to wear out. To this way of thinking, death is natural. Whatever we make of physics, this is not the Bible's view of death. The Word of God does not say death is natural, normal, or that we were designed to wear out with time. We were not-neither ... More >>>

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