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Psalm 123 - by Michael Phillips
Songs on the Way to Heaven - Part 4 of 15
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Psalm 123
Jul 31, 2005 am - What do you do when the world looks down on you? Perhaps you feel this way because you're a baby; you're so self-centered that you take everything personally, you magnify ever little mistake into a capital crime, and you think every whispered conversation has got to be about you. Psychologists call this a Persecution Complex, I think, and if you've got one, what you need to do is to repent of it and have a long laugh at your own vanity. The world is probably not out to get you. But what if it is? What if your wife holds you in contempt? If she's a talker, she tells you what a loser you are, that she has no respect for you, and wonders whatever possessed her to marry such a sorry excuse for a man. If she's not much of a talker, she still has that look, that ever-present look of disappointment, of disapproval, or disgust (in the corners of her mouth). What if your kids have no respect for you? Your son contradicts you, your daughter rolls her eyes, even the little ones are becoming defiant. You try to be gentle and they take advantage of you; when you crack down, it only makes things worse. Your family looks down on you. What if the people at work look down on you? You know what ... More >>>

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