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To Disarm Principalities - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 43 of 51
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1 John 3:8
Aug 03, 2005 pm - A couple of years ago, John Piper published a book titled The Passion of Jesus Christ. In his fifty short chapters, he tries to explain why our Lord went to the cross. Most of what he says is positive-Christ died for the glory of God, for the salvation of His People, for the renewal of the universe, for His own name's sake, and for other things too. If His death is mostly positive, it has a negative side as well. If the cross means God is for us, it also means God is against the devil and all his works. This brings us to Chapter 42 in our study of Piper's book, the title of which is Christ suffered and died to disarm the rulers and authorities. WHO THEY ARE The words, rulers and authorities often refer to human rulers of some kind-to kings, governors, judges, and other men exercising authority in the world. Such people are seldom what they ought to be, but we still owe them our respect and obedience, so long as obeying them does not make us disobey the Lord. These are rulers and authorities, but not the ones we have in mind for now. The rulers and authorities this sermon is about are Satan and his non-human partners in crime. Who and what is Satan? Because he's a fascinating-and ... More >>>

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