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Psalm 124 - by Michael Phillips
Songs on the Way to Heaven - Part 5 of 15
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Psalm 124
Aug 07, 2005 am - Do you ever watch Jeopardy? Alex Trebec has been its host for many years, but I'm old enough to remember when Art Fleming did the honors. I can't say why I remember him from forty years ago, but I do remember him. In any event, Jeopardy is a quiz show with a difference: Instead of starting with questions, it starts with answers, to which the people playing it are supposed to give the right question. For example, on 'celebrity week' we hear things like this: Central American capitals, for one hundred, Alex. For one hundred dollars, This city is the capital of Guatemala. Jennifer: What is Panama City? No. Angelina: What is Mexico City? No. Brad: What is Washington D.C.? No. I'm sorry, the question is: What is Guatemala City? Eventually someone wins, of course, and makes a fool of himself by screaming, jumping up and down, or otherwise acting like a five-year old on sugar donuts! The content of Psalm 124 is a lot more important and serious than the things you see on Jeopardy, but the structure is the same. It begins with an answer, vv.1-2a, goes on to the question, vv.2b-4, and finishes with a celebration, vv.5-8. THE ANSWER The answer is, The Lord was on our side. This was composed ... More >>>

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