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Henry on Psalm 23 No 3 - by Michael Phillips
Henry on Psalm 23 - Part 3 of 8
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Psalm 23:2
Mar 26, 2003 pm - No Scripture is more often recited than the Twenty-third Psalm. No Scripture is less often believed than the Twenty-third Psalm. Why people read, memorize and recite it is clear: it's so good and beautiful. Why we don't live by it is equally clear: it seems too good and beautiful to be true. But it is true. "Every word of God is pure" David said--including this one. The goal of this study, therefore, is not so much to open your understanding to Psalm 23 as to get you to believe it and to live in the joy and peace it is designed to give you. Thus far, we've looked at its main doctrine and application. What is the Psalm about? It's about The Lord being my shepherd. What does that mean to me? It means I belong to Him and I ought to trust Him. This is the privilege of every believer without exception. The veteran saint, the newest convert-it makes no difference-the Lord is every Christian's shepherd and every Christian belongs to Him in body and soul and ought to trust Him for all the good He has promised us. This brings us up to the second verse of Psalm 23 and to Matthew Henry's exposition of it. Henry, you know, was a Puritan pastor and author. We are using his great Commentary on ... More >>>

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