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Baxter on Backsliding 1 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Backsliding - Part 1 of 3
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Proverbs 14:14a
Sep 15, 1999 pm - Tonight, I hope to begin a new Puritan study. The teacher is Richard Baxter. The topic is backsliding. MEANING AND VARIETY "Backsliding" is just that: It is sliding back from God. Baxter says there are three kinds: doctrinal, mental, and practical. 1.Doctrinal backsliders are people who; "Decline from faith to infidelity or decline to error about the meaning of the Scriptures". In other words, they become unbelievers or heretics. 2.Mental backsliders are people whose; "Hearts decline from the love of God and some carnal the same time, the thoughts of God grow less serious and pleasing...and the means which should kindle love are used with more dullness, remissness, and indifference..." This is the kind of person whose outward life remains pretty much the same. He doesn't fall into gross sin; he doesn't renounce the faith; he doesn't quit going to church; he still reads the Bible and prays. But his heart is no longer in it. 3.Practical backsliders are people who; "Fall from duty toward God or man; or fall into positive sins and turn to sensuality, worldliness, or pride". This is the obvious backslider. He quits going to church; he no longer prays or reads ... More >>>

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