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Baxter on Backsliding 2 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Backsliding - Part 2 of 3
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Proverbs 14:14a
Sep 22, 1999 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we'll continue our study of Richard Baxter on Backsliding. Baxter was an English pastor who lived from 1615 to 1691. His theology is not always good, but his practical works are Puritan counseling at its best. Baxter says one may backslide in three ways: in doctrine, in the heart, and in obedience. Some believers slide into error, others into hypocrisy, still others into open sin. Have you declined in one of these ways? Or more than one? If you have, Richard Baxter has some advice for you. In this study, we'll see what do about your backsliding. Eight points. BE HONEST "When you know the marks of a backslider, come into the light and be willing to know yourself, whether this be your condition or not, and do not foolishly cover your disease". Last time, we looked at "the marks of a backslider". A backslider does not fear temptation; he's satisfied with outward religion; he neglects prayer; he's impatient with brethren and feels no compassion for the lost. Are you a backslider? If so, why don't you admit it to God? It's easy to fool other people. It's possible to "deceive yourself". But you can't hoodwink the Lord. Why don't you stop trying? God ... More >>>

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