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Baxter on Forgiveness 4 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Forgiveness - Part 4 of 7
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Ephesians 4:32
Jan 01, 1988 pm - Tonight, with God's blessing, we'll move on in the study we began three weeks ago. It's called Richard Baxter on Forgiveness. Thus far, we've looked at twelve steps for pardoning people who've done us wrong. They are: Remember that a grudge is murder. Look for God in the person who offended you. Be fair in evaluating the one who did you wrong, i.e., look at his good points and not only the bad. Love your neighbor as yourself. Humble yourself. Ask for help. Think long and hard about what you're doing and if it's what the Lord wants you to do. Ask yourself: Do you want God to forgive the person who did you wrong? If not, you want him to go to hell; if so, why don't you do the same? Remember you've wronged God far more than anyone has ever wronged you. Remember you've not only been hurt, but you've hurt others too. Remember God has forgiven you. If you don't forgive others, the Lord won't forgive you. Have you thought about these things since last Wednesday night? Have you acted on them? Or, are you still justifying your bitterness? There can be no doubt what the Lord wants you to do. He said, "Having received freely, freely give". You ought to forgive others as eagerly as the Lord ... More >>>

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