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Baxter on Forgiveness 7 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Forgiveness - Part 7 of 7
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Ephesians 4:32
Jan 01, 1988 am - Tonight, with the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we'll finish the study we've been on for the last few weeks. It's called Richard Baxter on Forgiveness. Baxter-you recall-was a Puritan pastor and a best-selling author. Although he wrote on nearly everything, his finest work was pastoral theology-or giving advice to people who are struggling with sin. The sin we're working on at the moment is holding a grudge. Some people take offense a lot easier than they let go of it. Instead of obeying James 1:19, they reverse it. They're "Swift to speak, slow to hear, and swift to wrath". The loud ones rant and rave, the quiet ones simmer and stew. But none of them obeys the Lord. They don't, "Forgive men their trespasses". .Which means, "Neither will their Father in heaven forgive their trespasses". Are you a forgiving person-eager to skip over sins and make things right? Or, are you like that man in Proverbs 18:19, "Harder to be won than a city, [whose] contentions are like the bars of a castle"? When possible, you need to "overlook a transgression". When you cannot do that, you need to forgive it from the heart--and not bring it up again. Not because I say so, but it's the Lord who says so! ... More >>>

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