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The Power of Christ's Word - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 11 of 94
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Luke 4:31-44
Mar 17, 2002 am - SATAN IN THE WORLD NOW Thirty years ago, Hal Lindsay wrote a best-selling book called Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth. I wouldn't recommend the book itself, but I sure like its title. It describes the world-and what's wrong it-better than any book you'll find from University Presses or any speeches our President and other world leaders make every day. Read the scholars, listen to the politicians and you'll hear plenty of bad guys-poverty, racism, Islamic Fundamentalism, communism, capitalism, on and on it goes. The Iranians call us The Great Satan; we call them (and others) The Axis of Evil. Yet, when naming all the bad guys in the world, nobody ever names the Devil. Yet the Bible teaches that he is behind all them all! He is "The prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now energizes the children of disobedience". SATAN IN THE WORLD THEN The work of Satan did not start in 1972. It goes way, way back. The devil was not created wicked-God "Made everything beautiful in its own time" .said the Preacher, including Satan. But the devil fell from holiness and beauty and became the ugliest and most sinful thing in the universe. Our Lord called him a "Murderer from the ... More >>>

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