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Baxter on Public Worship - by Michael Phillips
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Ecclesiastes 5:1
Jan 01, 1988 am - My talk this afternoon is called Richard Baxter on Public Worship. Baxter was an English pastor who lived from 1615 to 1691. His theology is not always sound, but his practical works are Puritan counseling at its best. This chapter is found in his Christian Directory, pp.616ff. Being a good Puritan, he gave it a very impressive title, "How to behave ourselves in the public assemblies, and the worship there performed, and after them". He tells us what do before going to church, at church, and after church. Since everyone here goes to church, the sermon is relevant to us all. If we followed half his advice, we'd be better off than we are now. I'd be a better preacher of the Word; you'd be better hearers of the Word; we'd all be better doers of the Word. PREPARATION Baxter begins by telling us what to do before walking into the church building. He says, 1."Let your preparations in secret and in your family be such as conduce to fit you for public worship". This means two things: Firstly, spend time with God before going to church. Read the Bible, pray, meditate, and come to church in a state of mind that is apt to receive a blessing. Secondly, don't unfit yourself for worship by ... More >>>

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