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Baxter on Self-Examination 2 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Self-Examination - Part 2 of 3
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1 Corinthians 13:5
Jan 01, 1988 pm - Tonight, with God's blessing, we'll continue our study of Richard Baxter on Self-Examination. You all know what a physical exam is. It's when a doctor takes a close look at your body for signs of good or bad health. In self-examination, you're poking around your soul to determine its health. The instrument you use is not an x-ray machine, a stethoscope, or a blood-pressure cuff; it's the Word of God. You read the Bible and compare what you are to what it says you ought to be. The work is not always pleasant, but it's always good for you. How do you examine yourself? Or do it better? Thus far, we've looked at four things: If you want to better examine yourself, stay at it. Involve yourself in the life of a church. Listen to criticism (even when the critic's not very nice). Ask a close and mature friend to help you. IF YOU WANT TO EXAMINE YOURSELF BETTER, KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR SPECIAL TEMPTATIONS. Several years ago, a man came to me with a big problem: He was eaten up with sexual desire-for another man. Now, I felt for the poor man, but I can't say I understood him. His temptation is not mine. He has to spend a lot of time and effort resisting that desire; I don't. Not because ... More >>>

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