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Baxter on Witnessing 1 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Witnessing - Part 1 of 5
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1 Peter 3:15
Jan 05, 2000 pm - Tonight with the Lord's blessing, we'll continue our study of Richard Baxter, taking up another chapter in his great book, "A Christian Directory". Being a good Puritan, he used the wordiest title he could come up with--"Special Directions for Christian Conference, Exhortation, and Reproof". Who wants to guess what the chapter's about? It's about witnessing for Jesus Christ. We all want to do this--I think--though fear, ignorance, and worldliness often get in the way. Baxter wrote the chapter to help us witness more and better than we do. It's made up of three parts: (1) Why to witness for Christ; (2) How to do it; and (3) Special words on rebuking sin and exhorting others to godliness. For now, we'll take up the first part--or about half of it. Baxter calls it "Motives to Christian Conference and Exhortation". Or, why to speak up for Christ. He has twenty good reasons, some of which we'll now take up. 1.It's what your mind and mouth were made for. "Consider it is the exercise of our humanity. Reason and speech make us different from the animals. Our reason is given to us that we might know God and eternal life...and our speech to communicate them to others. Use your tongue for ... More >>>

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