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Psalm 127 - by Michael Phillips
Songs on the Way to Heaven - Part 8 of 15
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Psalm 127
Aug 28, 2005 am - Everything you have is a gift. Some of the gifts are so big you might not notice them. Take the sun for example. It provides the light, heat, food, and water without which you could not survive. But survival is not the half of what it does for you. Think of all the happy times you've had in the sun: playing ball, picnicking, swimming, and lying on the beach to name just a few. The sun is so good that it blesses us even when it's on the other side of the world. In the fall of 1984, I fell in love with a girl on the rarest of all things: a warm night in San Francisco. The sun not only gave me my life, but also my beloved wife. And I never paid a dime for it! The sun is a gift. So is the power to enjoy it. If you had no pigment in your eyes or skin, the sun would blind and burn you. If you had no sense of beauty, you wouldn't see the beauty it reveals. If you were insane, you might mistake it for a lidless eye spying on you every day. But you have pigment in your eyes and skin, you have a sense of beauty, and you have your sanity. Every one of them is a gift. The givenness of your life is most evident in childhood. It took you a year to walk, two years to feed yourself, three years ... More >>>

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