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Psalm 128 - by Michael Phillips
Songs on the Way to Heaven - Part 9 of 15
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Psalm 128
Sep 04, 2005 am - Psalm 128 is all about happiness. It is not the shallow and short-lived happiness that any fool can enjoy now-and-then, but the real thing: the happiness of heaven on earth. To some people, God is against happiness-they think nothing pleases Him more than forbidding fun and lowering the boom on laughter. If all of them were unbelievers, I'd say, 'What do you expect of people who don't know God?' But a great many of them love in the Lord, sincerely want to please Him, and-for some reason--believe what pleases Him most is their being unhappy. If they left it there, I'd feel sorry for them, but they seldom do! They want to make others unhappy too, or failing that, they hope to make others feel guilty for being happy. If you feel this way, stop it! If your friends are making you feel this way, make new friends! Don't give people who won't be happy the power to veto your happiness. For 'happy' is what God is and what He has called us to be. I have several books at home on the attributes of God. They all name the usual things: holiness, justice, love, mercy, and so on. But as far as I could find, not one of them says anything about His happiness. But God is happy. In 1 Timothy 1:11 Paul ... More >>>

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