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Psalm 129 - by Michael Phillips
Songs on the Way to Heaven - Part 10 of 15
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Psalm 129
Sep 11, 2005 am - If I asked you to sum up the Christian life in one word, what would it be? Most of you-I believe-would select a positive word, maybe blessed or holy, forgiven or hopeful. These are all fine choices and capture a big part of the life we have in Christ. But 'a big part' of a thing is not the whole thing. There is another side to the Christian life that has a less cheery ring to it. If Paul were asked to sum up his life in Christ, he might choose the word, cross. Not merely the cross on which our Lord paid for his sins, but his own cross too, the cross he and every believer is called to bear. The cross stands for everything evil in this world, but especially for the opposition we face because we do not belong to this world. You don't have to read the New Testament very carefully to find all who live godly in Christ Jesus suffer[ing] persecution. Not just the verse-I mean-but real flesh-and-blood examples of it. John the Baptist has his head served up on a platter. Stephen is stoned to death. James is slain by the sword. Peter and John are arrested and beaten, and then there's Paul, who gives a partial list of his sufferings in 2 Corinthians 11- In stripes above measure, in prisons ... More >>>

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