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Apostles Chosen - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 18 of 94
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Luke 6:12-16
May 05, 2002 am - If you want to understand what you're reading in the Bible, you've got to ask yourself two questions: (1) what does it say? And (2) why is it there? Most of the time, the first one is easy to answer, especially in the historical parts of the Bible. The verses say our Lord healed a man or Peter went fishing or Saul was converted on the Road to Damascus. If the stories are narratives, and not parables, they ought to be taken quite literally. You waste your time looking for secret meanings in the story and run the risk of getting into foolishness--if not heresy. The second question though is a lot harder: Why is it there? The Bible never claims to give a complete record of anything. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, men saw fit to put some things in and to leave other things out. They also put the stories where they are and not somewhere else. That brings us to the short story Luke has for us today. It begins with an all-night prayer vigil on some mountain in Galilee and goes on to tell whom the Lord chose to be His Apostles. Why is it there? The Early Church knew who the Apostles were. And we could find out in other places. Yet the Holy Spirit wanted this story in Luke's Gospel. ... More >>>

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