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Humility - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 16 of 26
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Proverbs 16:18-19
May 18, 1988 am - ITS MEANING. Humilty and its equivilents come from two words in the Hebrew tongue, one relatively passive in voice, the other, quite active. Combined, they demonstrate its true nature. The first derives from SHAPEL, which simply means "low". It is occasionally used in a physical sense, to describe, e.g., foothils in comparison to mountains or an old roof which droops down under the weight of a winter's rain, or an ox which crouches under a heavy load or even a man who bows before his king. But normally, of course, it is used in a figurative sense, and means "to be low, little, or insignificant in your own opinion". The second word is translated from ANA, which greatly intensifies the idea. We may fairly define it thusly, "To bring low--violently!" Thus it is used to describe Joseph's misery in the Egyptian prison, or Israel's hardship under the lash of Pharoah, or the humiliation of God's enemies, or even our Lord's affliction at Mount Calvary. And anyone who knows how entrenched pride is in the human heart realizes that it is never easily removed. "Humility" therefore amounts to this: "Lowliness of mind". Such a conclusion agrees with both sound reason and infallible Scripture. ... More >>>

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