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Discipline of Children - Its Duty - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 19 of 26
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Proverbs 22:6
Jun 08, 1988 am - The Discipline of Children THE DISCIPLINE OF CHILDREN IS A PARENTAL DUTY. That children ought to be disciplined requires little proof. It is stated in our text and reitereated throughout the Word of God. Anyone, therefore, who bows before the authortiy of Scripture, confesses this fact. Indeed, even the light of nature teaches as much. For Paul, in Romans 1, indicts the whole world for its intentional sins, which include, "Disobedient to parents". But now, the question natrually arises, "To whom has this duty been charged?" To the best of my knowledge, only four answers could be offered. The first three of which are patently opposed to Scripture, the fourth consonant therewith. So then, negatively: The discipline of a child is not left to the child himself. Common sense teaches that wisdom is required in ordering a life. But childrn, by their very nature, lack this wisdom. They must not, therefore, be left to themselves. Consider, e.g., the danger of "Trial and Error" in stepping into the street. The Scripture, of course, echoes this negation. 29:15. The discipline of a child is not left to the state. The discipline of a child is not left to the church. For, positively, the ... More >>>

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