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Discipline of Children - Formative Discipline - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 20 of 26
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Proverbs 27:6
Jun 15, 1988 am - Proverbs 20: Formative Child Discipline Introduction: The discipline of children falls into two categories, "formative and corrective". As the names imply, formative discipline seeks to "form" good character and conduct in the child, while its corrective counterpart aims at "correcting" bad character and behavior. Both are essential. For commanding obedience without the threat of the rod will never convince your child that you are serious, while spanking without instruction will do little more than "provoke him to wrath". The two subjects naturally overlap. But for the sake of clarity, we will deal with them separately. Therefore, tonight's subject is "The Formative Discipline of Children". May God grant us the grace to understand and implement it rightly, for Christ's sake. Amen. ITS DUTY. It is the parents' duty to cultivate good character and behavior in their children. This seems so obvious as to require no proof. But so that our foundation will be sure, I must address it. Therefore, consider the following: The light of nature demands it. "If any man does not provide for his own, especially of his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel". Thus ... More >>>

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