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Discipline of Children - Corrective Child - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 21 of 26
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Proverbs 29:15
Jun 22, 1988 am - Proverbs 21: Corrective Child Discipline Introduction: The discipline of children is a duty Divinely imposed upon every parent. It naturally falls into two categories, formative and corrective. As the names indicate, formative discipline seeks to "form" good character, while its corrective counterpart aims to "correct" bad character. Last week I spoke on the former. This week, if God should so bless, I will address the latter. Tonight's subject, therefore, is "The Corrective Discipline of Children". May God give us the grace to understand and implement it rightly, for Christ's sake. Amen. ITS DUTY. It is the parents' duty to correct bad behavior in their children. In a traditional society, this fact would be accepted without proof. But as our culture has become so radical, the duty needs be often restated and reinforced. From a Christian point-of-view, therefore, I offer five facts which make this duty plain and undeniable. Your child is human. In Adam and Eve, humanity was created upright, with a knowledge of God, with a sinless heart, with an inclination to righteousness, and placed in a unfallen world. Yet even in this state of integrity, he needed corrective discipline. Thus ... More >>>

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