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Family Worship - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 22 of 26
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Proverbs 4:1-13
Jun 29, 1988 am - A couple of weeks ago, I urged you to pray for your children, saying that it is the most important thing you can possibly do for them. But "most important" suggests other important things as well. And of these "other things", none is more significant than "teaching your children". This, of course, is the subject of our text, and my sermon for tonight. "Teaching your children". The first thing you should notice is the primacy of the father in teaching his children. "Hear my children the instruction of a father". The mother, to be sure, has her role to play. But it is always subservient to that of a father. You men, therefore, are chiefly responsible for the instruction of your children. Not the school. Not the pastor. Not the mother. But you. This is what Solomon did. This is what his father, David, did as well. And this is what you must do, if you would discharge your duty. But here the objection may be raised that both Solomon and David were kings. As a consequence--it is thought--they had plenty of leisure to do this. But you are an ordinary working man. Indeed, more than that. You have to put in overtime just to keep a roof over your children's heads and food in their bellies. ... More >>>

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