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How To Spend Your Money - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 26 of 26
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Proverbs 3:9-10
Jul 27, 1988 am - GOD MUST BE HONORED WITH YOUR MONEY. This fact appears too obvious to require proof. Yet in this day of practical athiesm and unbounded materialism, proven it must be. To tell a worldling that he ought to honor God with his money is to invite laughter and scorn. For whereas he "loves pleasure more than God", and because his money can never buy enough pleasures to satisfy his lusts, then it follows that God can have no claim to his money. But I wonder if the People of God differ much from their ungodly counterparts? When it comes to your money, dear friend, does the Tenth Psalm describe you, "God is not in all of your thoughts"? It is therefore, crucial to establish the fact, "God must be honored with your money". This can be proven by a three-fold appeal to Scripture. You are commanded to honor God with your money. Our text could not be plainer, "Honor the LORD with your possessions..." The word translated "honor" literally means "to bow down". But what is a man doing when he "bows" before another? He is putting himself in the service of another. Therefore, when Solomon wrote, "Honor the LORD with your possessions", he meant, "Dedicate your money to God's service". This is ... More >>>

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