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Father, Forgive - by Michael Phillips
Last Words - Part 1 of 7
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Luke 23:34
Nov 13, 2005 am - If you knew you were going to die at 5:15 this afternoon, what would you say between now and then? I don't believe you'd say much about the weather or about the fortunes of your favorite football team. You'd spend the six hours saying the things that matter the most to you. When our Lord Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross, He had six hours to live, and during that time, He said the things that mattered the most to Him. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John record seven things He said on the cross. I don't believe the number is accidental: seven is often symbolic in the Bible, a number that stands for completeness. History begins with the seven days of creation; it ends with a series of sevens-seven angels, seven trumpets, seven thunders, seven plagues, seven bowls. Jews who touched a dead body were unclean seven days; Christians are to forgive one another seventy times seven. There were seven churches in Asia and seven thousand who did not bow the knee to Baal. Seven (and its multiples) were significant to the men who wrote the Bible and the ones who first read it. Our Lord may have said far more than seven things on the cross, but seven are put down in the Bible because they summarize ... More >>>

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