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With Me in Paradise - by Michael Phillips
Last Words - Part 2 of 7
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Luke 23:39-43
Nov 27, 2005 am - Modern medicine is a wonderful thing. Two hundred years ago, respected physicians bled their patients, performed surgery without washing their hands, and thought the best cure for toothache was smoking a pipe! Since that time amazing breakthroughs have occurred for which we ought to be deeply thankful. But if modern medicine is a blessing from God, it is not an unmixed blessing. While it has given us longer and healthier lives (on average), it has also taken some things away from us, one of which was very dear to past generations, but is hardly thought of today: modern medicine has robbed us of Last Words. In 1969 Herbert Lockyer published a fascinating book called All the Last Words of Saints and Sinners. Some of his entries are deeply moving. Joseph Addison, for example, called loved ones to his bedside and whispered, See in what peace a Christian can die. Others are more disturbing. Edward Gibbon could only despair, All this is now lost, finally, irrevocably lost. All is dark and doubtful. There are many books of this kind, of course, and I'm sure more will be published. But I wonder if the new books will be updated? Or have doctors and drugs and families put an end to Last ... More >>>

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