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I Thirst - by Michael Phillips
Last Words - Part 5 of 7
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John 19:28
Jan 08, 2006 am - If you were going to die in the next sixty seconds what would say between now and then? Your words would differ from mine, of course, but both of us would want to say something important. All of us would. Including our Lord Jesus Christ. This is where we are in His Story. Nailed to the cross at nine o'clock in the morning, it is now 2:59 in the afternoon. Our Lord has one minute to live, and three things still to say. The first of which is- I thirst. On hearing the words you might be disappointed. You expect the Greatest Man to say something deeply spiritual at the end, but what He says is rather shallow and ordinary. Feeling the words are unworthy of our Lord, some have spiritualized them-what He's thirsting for, they say, is the Water of Life. While I agree He did thirst for Living Water, it is not the drink He called for on the cross. He wanted a sip of what the soldiers were drinking, and that was cheap wine. Earlier in the day they offered Him a drink of wine mixed with myrrh. This He refused because myrrh was a kind of painkiller-and the Lord wanted no relief on the cross. The night before God handed Him the cup of suffering and He agreed to drink it-down to the dregs. THE ... More >>>

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